Chef Aqueelah A. James

Chef James comes from a generation of exquiste cooks from the Caribbean Islands. Chef James roots combine two beautiful island's known as St. Kitts/Nevis and Dominican Republic. Chef James although she is first generation born American herbean with of course her parents British strict education. Chef James Grandfather (Charles James) was the head chef at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Boston, Ma. She would watch him cook along with the women of the house and at the tender age of 8 she begin to learning how to prepare traditional island dishes and traveling to the islands to learn her roots ( lanuage, food, music, culture traditions). Whether it was for the holidays or a family celebration from that point on she was in love with food and her culture cuisines. Her Grandmother was the utilmate West Indian Baker people from the neighborhoods would come and asked for sweets request ( Coconut Hand Tart, Rum Cake, Black cake, cocunut Custard,  Pork Bread, etc.)

Chef James joined the US Army as a chef and has been cooking and preparing meals for soldiers, Major Generals, and Dignitaries for 15 years. Chef James is a team member of the US Army Reserves Culinary Arts Team for the past 5 years and has won Several Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in Savory, Nutrition, and Pastry dishes.

She has cooked for functions at the Pentagon, Washington DC, and Joint Chief of staff. She is also still serves in the Military as and Enlisted Aide to Several Major General and has a seven year old son who already shares the passion for arts that she has. If there is one quote that Chef James lives by" It that food brings people together and make them happy." "I consider myself innovative and an artist what we Culinarians do with food is a form of art that not only attracts the eyes but all of our others senses too ( touch, taste, sound, emotions.)"

From the Press

“If you learn to love the art and learn to understand it’s not just cooking but it is also about personal and professional growth, you will do very well in our field”.